Contradiction Dance


The Present is a dance performance by Contradiction Dance artistically expressing the present of living in the present. The performance is already in motion as you enter the theater and it takes a moment to realize that you too need to be in the present and start to take in the performance. I had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of the rehearsals leading up to the show and was both intrigued and amazed at the progress of each iteration. It’s a testament to the commitment of each of the dancers. It really is fun to see a great show become greater…

Dancers: Shelley Alinas, Carlos Bustamante, Erica Chamblee, Ben Drexler, Eleni Grove,  Makeyda Hilliard, Anneliese Parisi, Matina Phillips, Lyndsey Pressley, Dani Quirion and Alison Waldman

Choreography: Kelly Mayfield

Director of Theatre: Melissa-Leigh Bustamante