Westcott Shootout


I spent most of last week in Orlando, FL at the spring edition of Photoshop World (PSW). This is a chance to get together with other photographers, graphic designers, authors, vendors and others in the photographic community. And also a chance  to press the flesh and put a real face to some recent Twitter and Facebook friends. This conference held by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) is jam packed with educational opportunities and fun after hour events and of course vendor row where some of the latest gear is available to play with. There are much more classes and workshops given than can be taken so as a result it’s possible to schedule classes from morning till night most days and not see some of the side events that are going on all week long. That’s the path I chose.


Model:  Rebekah Corey/High Fashion

All Makeup by: Candace Corey

The opening keynote ceremony played off of Project Runways’ high fashion theme with Project Photoshop. It was very well done ending with a balloon drop with balloons that were filled with prizes but sounded like they were filled with gunpowder. As everyone clamored for balloons the sound pretty much drowned out what was going on, on stage. It was pretty comical.


Model:  Rebekah Corey/High Fashion

I was in classes most of the time but did have the opportunity to participate in the FJ Westcott shootout. Westcott provided several shoot sets with the new continuous Spiderlite TD6 lights. I think you needed to push your ISO up a bit using these lights to keep a workable shutter speed. Each shooting area had changing models and themes and caused the usually photographic frenzy that occurs when photographers see a set. Bravo to the models, make up artists, stylists and set designers and thanks to Wescott for all the lighting setups. They begged us to talk to the models but we just pointed our biggest lenses and CLICK…CLICK..CLICKED like there was no tomorrow. I can’t imagine how many thousands of the same pictures were taken. This was a VERY popular and fun area of the conference. I had a few very brief opportunities to guide a couple of the models. After the first day my schedule was very full and I took less time out to make pictures.


Model:  Rebekah Corey

Model: Andrea Wong/Geisha

One of the great things about Photoshop World is the openness of all the industry players and their willingness to share their thoughts and experiences. I had some really great and inspiring conversations and the instructors were top notch. I had a great time and kept a schedule that kept me running and exhausted… but it was a good exhaustion.

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Model: Quan Nguyen/Samurai

Model: Hope Roberts/Phantom of the Opera

Model: Hope Roberts/Marie Antoinette


Model: Andrea Wong/Steampunk


Model:  Rebekah Corey/Red Riding Hood

Model: Heather Flora/Rapunzel

Model: Hope Roberts/Jester

Model: Rachel Todd