Contradiction Dance


Two weeks ago I got together with Kelly Mayfield the Artistic Director of Contradiction Dance along with several of the dancers to work on a fundraising project for their spring production, The Disorder of Things. Their campaign runs until April 18th so I encourage you to see what they’re about and how much they contribute to the community and donate to their production if you are moved to do so.

I think we all wished it was a little warmer but all of the dancers were so willing to do what we asked of them to get some amazing shots. This was a real collaborative effort. We roamed the streets of Silver Spring, MD the home of Contradiction Dance. Eleven of us in all, the Contradiction Dance crew, myself and Frantz a good friend and VAL (voice activated light stand) for the shoot.

Geek speak: For the shoot I used an SB900 triggered with radio-poppers since I rarely had a line of site to that flash from the camera position. Frantz feathered the flash into the scene and I was able to control the flash (in manual mode) from the camera position.

L-R, Dancers: Melissa, Eleni, Carlos, Drex, Ayana, Meghan, Veronica and, Makeyda. And that’s Kelly in front.

No Money Kept in Office, poor Melissa (Dancer and Director of Theatre: Melissa)

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Carlos

Dancer: Makeyda

Dumpster Diving: by Drex

Dancer: Eleni

Dancer: Meghan


Dancer: Veronica

Your Bread is our Brick and Mortar: starring Ayana

L-R, Eleni, Ayana, Drex, Veronica, Meghan, Melissa, Carlos, Makeyda